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By default, Nullstone configures your applications to use the log service in your cloud provider. Instead, some teams prefer to use third-party telemetry providers for logs and metrics. This guide shows how to configure Datadog for an application's logs and metrics.

Create Datastore

To integrate with Datadog, create a datastore in Nullstone using the Datadog module.

Launch Datastore

To launch the Datadog datastore, you need to configure the datastore with an API Key and App Key that has acccess to your Datadog instance.



Open API Keys section and Create API Key. Datadog API Key

App Key


Click New Key. Name the key Nullstone. Datadog App Key

Configure Datastore

Launch your datastore from the Nullstone UI. Enter your newly-minted API Key and App Key.

Launch Datadog

Send application logs to Datadog

With the Datadog datastore configured, you can attach the datastore to applications to relay logs to Datadog.

Open an application in Nullstone. Navigate to the Datastores tab, click + Datstore Connection. Select the Datadog datastore.

Click Launch/Update on your application to apply the changes.

Once complete, new application logs will appear in your datadog within 5 minutes.

logs CLI command

You may still continue to view logs using the nullstone logs CLI command.

> nullstone logs -t -s '5m' -app=<app-name> --env=<env-name>
> nullstone logs -t -s '5m' -app=<app-name> --env=<env-name>

Datadog tags

The Datadog capability will automatically tag your application logs/metrics in Datadog.

  • service - Nullstone App
  • env - Nullstone Environment
  • stack - Nullstone Stack
  • @block - Nullstone App