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What is Nullstone?

Nullstone is a developer platform that helps teams launch and manage their applications on cloud providers such as AWS. It provides:

  • a simple developer experience to enable self-service
  • an extensible platform to customize infrastructure and workflow
  • with security and guardrails built in

Developer Self-Service

Similar to other PaaS (Platform as a Service) systems like Heroku, Nullstone provides a developer-friendly interface that allows you to launch your applications, datastores, and custom domains without toiling with configuration (e.g. IAM, firewalls, access privileges, etc.).

Out of the Box

Run Any Application

Unlike PaaS systems, Nullstone supports a wider range of architectures. Nullstone can launch any managed service offered by your cloud provider. Your applications can be launched as containers, serverless, static sites, or on servers.

Multiple Environments

In Nullstone, full environments are described as IaC (Infrastructure as Code), so developers can launch duplicate environments for staging, QA, and production. Each environment can be quickly launched with different settings for memory, CPU, storage, environment variables, etc. Launch as many environments as you need, including into as many regions as you like.


Preview Environments

Preview environments are environments used to very quickly launch applications based on a pull request (PR) or branch. It allows developers to quickly share their new work with team members, QA, or others within the organization. Once you are done previewing or testing the feature, quickly destroy the environment.

Preview Environments

Customize and Extend

You can fully customize and extend Nullstone as your needs change and systems grow in complexity. All the infrastructure provisioned by Nullstone is done so using Terraform modules. Simply fork and customize any of the open-source Nullstone modules or create a new module from scratch. Once you add your module to the Nullstone registry, it is automatically available for self-service. Check out our Extending Nullstone docs for more details.

Complete your own custom developer platform by integrating all of your existing tooling. Integrate with logging and metrics services such as Datadog, NewRelic, SumoLogic, and more. You can also plug in your own CI/CD process via CircleCI, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, etc.

On Your Cloud

Nullstone launches all of your infrastructure on your cloud accounts. Once launched, your users will access your applications and data directly from your cloud provider. This also ensures that Nullstone never has access to your data.

Any existing infrastructure in your cloud accounts can work with and be connected to Nullstone provisioned infrastructure. You can start utilizing Nullstone piece at a time or for your entire system, your choice.

If Nullstone happens to have an outage, none of your running applications will be affected. In the same way that a GitHub or CircleCI outage does not affect your running applications, neither will a Nullstone outage.

Secure By Default with Guardrails

The core infrastructure modules that provision your infrastructure are tested with every release. The Nullstone core modules are compliant and secure based on the following standards:

Nullstone provides full environment variable and secrets management. All values are stored in your cloud and never leave your cloud provider so that only the systems that need to use these values can access them. These values are automatically injected into your applications.

Finally, don't worry about users accidentally doing something outside their lanes. RBAC (Role Based Access Control) ensures your users only have least-privilege access.