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Add Subdomain

Now that you have a data-driven application, you can expose the application to the public.

Nullstone offers 2 options to add a subdomain: "Nullstone URL" or "Custom URL". For this getting started, we are going to use "Nullstone URL" which will generate a random subdomain on If you would like to bring your own domain, see Configure root domain for more details.

Register subdomain

Visit the Applications section and click on your Application. Click on the Domains tab and click "Add Domain".

Choose "Nullstone URL" and click Add.

Launch into environment

To launch your subdomain with SSL enabled, click "Update". This will launch your infrastructure and perform a rolling deployment.

Using the following command, you will see a second deployment. Once the new deployment becomes healthy, the older version will drain and disappear.

nullstone status -w node-hello-world default
Add Subdomain has loaded