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Launch Statuses

Systems launched using Nullstone are composed of blocks such as networks, datastores, and applications. They are connected together but each have their own status.

This page provides a list of all the statuses, working statuses, and their meaning.

not launched

The initial state of any block is not launched. When in this status, we have created the definition of what infrastructure we want; but have not launched (created) the infrastructure in the cloud account yet.


Once we click the Launch button in Nullstone, the infrastructure is created in the cloud account. Once this is complete, the status will become launched.


For applications, we have one additional status. In addition to infrastructure, applications also have code. Once the code for your application has been deployed and the app is healthy, we are now in the live state.

Working Statuses


A launch has been initiated, but the provisioning of the infrastructure has not completed. Nullstone is currently working on this request.

launch failed

The initial launch of the infrastructure has failed. If this occurs, the block will most likely not be in an operational state.


A block has already been launched. When we apply these changes, Nullstone will display a status of updating. This occurs when we change the configuration of a block, such as changing the size of a datastore.

update failed

If an update fails, the block is most likely still operational. However, the configuration changes that were intended will not be fully applied.

needs approval

When a launch or update is initiated, Nullstone will check to see if the changes are allowed. If the user does not have permissions to make the changes, the block will be placed into a needs approval state. A user with permissions to apply the changes will need to approve the changes before they can be applied.


Once the infrastructure for an application has been launched, we can deploy code to it. When we deploy code, Nullstone will display a status of deploying.