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Nullstone offers real-time monitoring for apps, datastores, and more within the Nullstone UI.

Supported Metric Providers

In order to enable these metrics for any given block, Nullstone requires a block's Terraform module to emit certain outputs. If the required outputs are present, Nullstone will automatically enable metrics for your block in the UI. The Nullstone system will use the outputs to fetch, format, and display the data automatically.

Different outputs are required depending on which metrics provider is configured for your apps. (e.g. Cloudwatch, Prometheus). See the list of supported metrics providers below to configure the required outputs for your module.

Chart Types

There are different types of metrics that are valuable for monitoring apps and datastores. For containers, CPU and memory are critical to evaluate stability of the application. For serverless/background jobs, invocation count and execution duration are critical to understanding throughput and performance.

Nullstone provides a set of built-in charts that aggregate your metrics and display them in an intuitive and clean manner. When configuring metrics for a module, it's important to understand what metrics are needed to display each chart. See Chart Types for Metrics for information on available charts and their required metrics.