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name - string

The domain name of the DNS zone.

This is the dns_name specified by the user in the domain registration.

fqdn - string

The FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) of the DNS zone.

This matches name output and added for consistency with subdomain modules.

zone_id - string

The ID of the Route53 Zone representing the DNS zone in AWS.

nameservers - list(string)

A list of authoritative nameservers for the created domain.

By setting the nameservers in the domain registrar to these records, this domain will have the source of truth for DNS records.

delegator - object

An AWS IAM User and access keys with explicit access to delegate subdomains in this domain to another DNS zone.


value = {
    name       =
    access_key =
    secret_key = aws_iam_access_key.delegator.secret

Required IAM permissions

domain/aws/route53 has loaded