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domain - connection

Connection Type: domain/gcp/cloud-dns

name - string

The domain name of the DNS zone.

This is the dns_name specified by the user in the subdomain registration.

fqdn - string

The FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) of the DNS zone.


The official Nullstone modules provide automatic subdomain generation. These modules create a unique DNS zone based on:

  • domain name
  • dns_name specified by the user
  • the current environment
  • var.create_vanity

Examples for domain


zone_id - string

The ID of the Google Cloud DNS Managed Zone ID.

nameservers - list(string)

A list of authoritative nameservers for the created domain.

By setting the nameservers in the domain registrar to these records, this domain will have the source of truth for DNS records.

subdomain/gcp/cloud-dns has loaded