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Create Datastore

This guide walks you through the process of setting up a postgresql cluster and database on AWS. The workflow is similar for setting up other datastores. For specifics of different datastores, visit the reference guide for the module in the Nullstone registry.

Register datastore

In Nullstone, click New, then + Datastore.

Select a name that appropriately identifies your new database cluster. (e.g. postgres0)

Select the nullstone/aws-rds-postgres module.


Personal accounts in Nullstone come with only 1 stack. If you are using a paid account (Professional or Enterprise), make sure to select the stack where your application resides.

Click Create!

Launch into environment

After clicking Create, you are taken to the datastore details screen. From here, you have full visibility over your postgres cluster in each environment.

Click the Launch button to start provisioning your database in your cloud provider. For this example, we are going to use the default configuration which uses minimal resources to save costs. After ~15 minutes, you will have a provisioned postgres cluster running in AWS.

Next steps

As your datastore provisions, you can connect your application to the datastore.

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