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By default, applications in Nullstone are protected behind private networks. In order to make our application public, we add a Domain from the "Domains" tab.

You can either configure a Nullstone Domain or bring your own Custom Domain.

Nullstone Domain

A Nullstone Domain allows you to launch quickly without worrying about purchasing and configuring the domain. If you click to add a Nullstone domain to your application, Nullstone will automatically generate a public url in the form https://<generated> (where <generated> is a random set of letters and numbers)


Custom Domain

Nullstone allows you to register your company's domain and use it to configure custom urls for your applications. The example below illustrates the configuration of the subdomain

Since this is a container application, the domain connects to your application using a Load Balancer Capability.

In order to ensure unique urls for each environment, the environment name will be appended. If the custom domain is configured as then the dev environment will be given a url of and production will be The chart below illustrates this example across many environments.


SSL Certificates

No matter what type of domain you configure for your application, Nullstone will ensure that a valid SSL certificate is provisioned and your application is hosted using https.

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